Jason Jabara


Jabara's Carpet Outlet

Jabara's Carpet Outlet, Inc., has been a family-owned flooring and home improvement company based in Wichita, Kansas, for over 42 years.

With the goal of saving customers money, George Jabara, Sr - oldest of five sons and father of five sons - opened Jabara's Damaged Freight in 1970 with his youngest son, Thomas Jabara. Fifteen years later, in 1985, Jabara's Carpet Outlet opened because the customers at Jabara's Damaged Freight loved the carpet prices and quality, but wanted more choices.

The company has expanded 5 times since then, to become the biggest carpet outlet in the area. In 2000, Jabara's opened its Carpet Galerie showroom at the same location, specializing in special-order flooring products.

It is the mission of Jabara's Carpet Outlet, Inc. - through its 3 subsidiaries, Jabara's Carpet Outlet, Jabara's Home Improvement (Damaged Freight), and Jabara's Carpet Galerie - to bring superior customer service and product knowledge to its customers, while incorporating the best value, biggest selection, and finest quality of ever-changing inventory of flooring and home improvement materials in the state.

Jabara's has a long and fruitful business relationship with Shaw Industries and has been an SFG member of the Shaw Flooring Network since 2008,

Dealer Council member since November 2013.

Jason Jabara, CEO of Jabara's Carpet Outlet, Inc., says it's important to be on the Dealer Council not only to talk about best practices with other flooring dealers across the nation, but also to help Shaw by acting as a direct link between Shaw and their customers/dealers. He notes that being a manufacturer coming up with new colors, styles, and types of flooring is only part of the picture. "The biggest part of the equation is our customers," he says, including how they're treated from the time they're first approached, to the time when they become customers, to the point at which the job is done. Jason credits the Council and Shaw with working toward making not just the products but the process the best they can be.