Steve Schlitt


Country Manor Decorating & Flooring

My name is Steve Schlitt and I’m 51 years old. I am married to Amanda Renee who has completed me and made this all possible. I have four children: three boys Tyler, Dylan, Caden and one daughter Alivia.

I have been in the flooring business for 32 years. Most of those years have been on the installation side. I have worked for several different flooring shops. That has given me the opportunity to work with different installers and learn more techniques.

Then in 2004 I started my own business as a flooring  subcontractor. Mostly it was me and a helper. Then in 2012 we started to grow a little more adding a third helper. By 2014 we had grown to 15 guys installing. (Side note met Amanda in 2013)
Life was good, the money was good but something was still missing. I’ve always wanted my own retail flooring store. I’ve looked into buying one once but that was expensive and I wasn’t sure how to just start one up.

Then one day a friend of mine that I had helped trained at the first flooring store I worked at called me. (he still worked there) He said Steve the owners are retiring and closing the shop down. He was calling me because he didn’t know what to do. I told him he could always come to work for me. I also told him he should try to buy them out. He said he didn’t have any money. So I told him to tell them I wanted to buy it. So he did and they gave him a dollar amount. He told them I don’t think he’ll do that much and he was right. (Hindsight being 20/20 I would have been getting a great deal) So a few weeks later he called me on a Friday morning, I was at the lake with my family. He told me he had another heart to heart with them and asked what their was lowest price. They gave him a price and said if I was interested to call them. I couldn’t hang up and call quick enough. I basically closed the deal on the side of the lake and a month later September 15th 2015 we were the proud owners of Steve’s Flooring LLC dba Country Manor Decorating.

It seems like the last five years have flown by. The first 2 years my wife Amanda and I ran the store 100%. We had 4 installers installing for us. In year 3 we hired an office assistant. Also in that same year we went to some in house installers and some sub contractors.

We realized that we couldn’t stay in our 3000 sf location much longer and still serve our customers the way they deserved. So we started looking. Nothing was panning out. But after looking for 6 months one location started to look promising. We had to get an idea of cost on our 11,500 sf building and we really didn’t have plans drawn up yet so I drew what we wanted and our contractor did his best to put numbers together for the bank. Long story short the bank said yes and we broke ground October 5th 2019.

The building process went very well, no issues at all. The showroom and warehouse was completed and we started moving in on April 2nd with brand new displays. By April 10th we were completely moved out of our old building. I can not thank my wife and boys enough on how easy they made this move go for us.

My boys Tyler and Dylan along with my 78 year old dad put all the displays together. The reps were unable to do so because of Covid-19.

We didn’t have phones or internet for two months and Nobody was coming in because of Covid. Then in June it started to pick up a little bit and August it was a little more busy. September was a great month too. We now have 12 total employees and a few subcontractor crews.